Clane Parish Ark and Labyrinth I.

Published on October 2, 2021

Day for Life

Clane Parish Ark and Labyrinth I.

In the green space at the back of our wonderful Church we have created
An Ark (Act of Restorative Kindness).

An Ark is a restored, native ecosystem,
a local, small, medium or large rewilding project.
It’s a thriving patch of native plants and creatures that have been
allowed and supported to reastablish in the earths intelligent,
successional process of natural restoration.
Over time this becomes a pantry and a habitat for our
pollinators and wild creatures who are in desperate need of support.
It’s that simple!
Effortless, yet it could create a powerful web of healed earth.
You need nothing more to do this than the willingness to be part of the solution,
to be kind and caring – that’s the
movement our Parish has joined.

It’s called ‘Arking’ – All we need to do
is to leave nature lead the way and
support her to heal and thrive.

Allow the land to re-wild itself
and protect it while it heals.

Stop cutting it back.

Stop spraying it.

Stop controlling it.