Clane Parish Ark and Labyrinth II.

Published on October 8, 2021

Day for Life

Clane Parish Ark and Labyrinth II.

A central feature our A.R.K.
(Act of Restorative Kindness)
is our Grass Chartres Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth can be symbolic of many things
but the one most usually
associated with it is that of your journey in life
with it’s twists and turns as you make your way to your centre.
The Centre of the Labyrinth perhaps
represents the ultimate goal attained following the prayerful,
reflective journey, a sacred place of merging of heaven
and earth where a sense of balance
and equilibrium is restored.

We have been thinking what feature
we might place at the centre to best mark its sacredness
and have settled on planting a native Irish Oak,
a symbol of truth, courage and wisdom,
all qualities we might aspire to have
at our centre.

The Tree Planting took place on
Sunday the 3rd October
a date also coinciding with the
conclusion of The Season of Creation –
what better gesture to celebrate
creation than the planting of a tree.