Homeless Not Heartless

Published on January 26, 2024

Homeless Not Heartless

Hello, there is a human being in here,
I am not an object, not a type, not a threat,
not an enemy, not an irritation, not a big issue.
I am not just a need to be fed second-hand,
sell-by-date sandwiches on a cold street,
while sipping a cup of tea.

I am not something to be demeaned,
devalued, discarded or deported.
I am not someone who has come to steal your territory.
I am not a colour, or a category.
I am not a problem to be solved,
or an agenda to be discussed.
I am not a drug, or a drink, or a knife, or a nut-case,
or a throw away, or a waste of space.

I am a human being with a Heart,
to be recognised, to be respected, to be seen
and to be heard, to be allowed space to grow,
to laugh, to cry, to whisper,
to speak, to hold, to hug, to heal,
to give, to sing and to love.

I am a human being like You,
with You and God-with-us.
I am a human being
who lives on the edge.