Prayer when lighting a candle

Prayer when lighting a candle

Lord, may this candle be a light for you
to enlighten me in my difficulties and decisions.
May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride,
selfishness and impurity.
May it be a flame for you

PARISH LOTTO DRAW—Tuesday 18th January 2022

PARISH LOTTO DRAW—Tuesday 18th January 2022
13, 23, 24, 25
No winner of this week’s Jackpot
3 x €50 prize winners
Aisling Behan, Saoirse Slater, Paula McDonald
Promoters Draw – 2 x €50 prize winners
Lourdes Fund, Damian McCaffrey
€25 prize winner
Next Jackpot: €12,000

First Communion Dates 2022

First Communion Dates 2022

Rathcoffey, Sunday 8th May

Scoil Phadraig & Hewetson N S, Sunday 15th May

Scoil Bhride & Hewetson N S, Sunday 22nd May

More details to follow


Provisional Dates 2022 – Confirmation & First Holy Communion

Provisional Dates 2022



Clane – Friday 1st April

Rathcoffey – Saturday 2nd April

First Holy Communion

Rathcoffey – Sunday 8th May

Clane – Sunday 15th May & 22nd May

Parish of Clane & Rathcoffey


Dear Parent(s),


Now that you have chosen to register your child for the sacraments in the Parish, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • The best way to pass on the faith to your child is to nurture your own faith as an adult.
  • Consider coming to our…

Prayer after Communion


Prayer after Communion


Lord, Jesus I love and adore you.

You’re a special friend to me.

Welcome Lord Jesus, oh, welcome.

Thank you for coming to me.


Thank you Lord Jesus, oh, thank you,

For giving yourself to me.

Make me strong to show your love,

Wherever I may be.



Prayer before Communion

Prayer before Communion


Lord Jesus, come to me.

Lord Jesus, give me your love.

Lord Jesus, come to me and give me yourself.

Lord Jesus, friend of children, come to me.

Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and my God.

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

Bless all who worship you,

almighty God, from the rising

of the sun to its setting:

from your goodness enrich us,

by your love inspire us,

by your Spirit guide us,

by your power protect us,

in your mercy…

A Prayer for Thanks

A Prayer for Thanks

Thanks – a word that brings us alive,
for what once was can always give life,

Thanks – a word that keeps us humble,
for we know that we depend on others,

Thanks – a word…

Prayer for the first world day for Grandparents and the elderly

Prayer for the first world day for Grandparents and the elderly

I thank You, Lord,

for the comfort of Your presence:

even in times of loneliness,

You are my hope and my confidence,

You have been my rock and my…