All Notices for Prayer


Have mercy on me

My Lord and my God,
with Bartimaeus I cry out to you:
Have mercy on me!

Have mercy on my darkness,
and be my Light.
Have mercy on my weakness,
and be my Strength.
Have mercy…



Thank you for your wonderful gifts.

All the beautiful things of the earth,
the sea and sky,
happiness, joy, inner peace,
music, poetry, painting and colours.
Entertainment, dancing and laughter.
Shops, food and clothes.
Craftsmanship and hobbies.
Faith, unity, prayer and…


I don’t know how to pray

I don’t know what to say

I don’t have much time.


The candle I place before you Lord

Is a piece of my goodness

A piece of my time

A piece of myself

This shining light symbolises my prayer, which I will continue as I go on my…