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A prayer for Lent

A prayer for Lent


Heavenly Father, this Lent we ask your grace,

Lord help us.

To fast from judging others and feast on what makes them special,

Lord help us.

To fast from unkind words and feast on kindness,

Lord help us.

To fast from jealousy and feast on offering compliments,

Lord help us.

A prayer for perseverance

A prayer for perseverance


May the Lord support us

all the day long,

till the shadows lengthen,

and the evening comes,

and the busy world is hushed,

and the fever of life is over,

and our work is…

When evil darkens our world, give us light.

When despair numbs our souls, give us hope.

When we stumble and fall, lift us up.

When doubts assail us, give us faith.

When nothing seems sure, give us trust.

When ideals fade, give us vision.

When we lose our way, be our guide!

That we may…

Difference is of the essence of humanity

“Difference is of the essence of humanity.

Difference is an accident of birth and it should therefore never be the source of hatred or conflict.

The answer to difference is to respect it. Therein lies a most

fundamental principle of peace – respect for diversity.”


John Hume (1937-2020)

Acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace…

I thought of you with love today

But that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday

and days before that too.

I think of you in silence

I often speak your name

All I have our memories